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The essential parts of your breakfast

A balanced breakfast contains a cereal product, a dairy product, a hot or cold drink, and a serving of fruit (in the form of fresh fruit or fruit juice). Okay, but why? Let’s take an overview of the nutritional and functional benefits offered by each category.

1. Dairy products : the basis of infant nutrition, milk and its derivatives (yogurts, cheeses, etc.) provide proteins and fatty acids, nutrients that provide both a sense of satiety and energy. But above all, dairy products are a recognized source of calcium, a nutrient essential for the formation of bones and teeth. By binding to the protein complexes that constitute bone structure, it provides skeletal strength and integrity. The body cannot produce calcium on its own, so it is crucial that it be supplied in food. So to make sure your children grow up healthy and with strong bones, always remember to include dairy products with their breakfast!


2. Cereal grains beneficial in so many ways! First and foremost, they are beneficial in terms of energy, since cereals provide slow sugars, which gradually release energy throughout the morning (unlike fast sugars) and thus help prevent that 11am slump. Secondly, they are beneficial in nutritional terms, because they contain fiber, which plays a significant role in maintaining digestive health, and also because they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to the proper functioning of the body… No question about it: cereal grains are a must for breakfast.


3. The serving of fruits : rich in water, fiber, vitamins and minerals, fruit makes a great ally for your morning. It contributes to body hydration, while also having a proven nutritional role. Plus, it adds a tangy and original touch to breakfast, which may often seem like a repetitive meal… The variety of different fruit offers lots of possibilities: how about something exotic on Monday morning? Why not go for pineapple? Been waiting for the weekend since Wednesday? Go for some bright red strawberries to perk you up while delighting your taste buds!


There’s something to bring some motivation back to those early mornings!