With Banania, nutrition becomes a breeze

Banania continues to support families in nutrition

Banania is committed to nutrition

A historic brand that is attentive to its customers…

Since its creation, the Banania brand has been dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of its customers with delicious products. It has always paid special attention, therefore, to the nutritional quality of its products.

Far from being a haphazard formulation, the Banania recipe (cocoa, cereal grains, banana and honey) respects both tradition and nutrition, since it has been optimized over the years to best meet the nutritional needs of both children and adults at breakfast, while preserving the ingredients that give it its originality and reputation.

…and evolves to offer improved nutritional quality

So, the current classic recipe for Banania powdered chocolate contains 12% cereal grains, a source of complex carbohydrates, which are very useful for distributing the food energy provided to children over the whole morning. That’s why Banania chocolate powder can be called a “breakfast food.” 

The brand is also dedicated to offering a variety of food products to suit different tastes, as well as for different ways to enjoy it and different times to enjoy it. For example, Banania flavored milk makes for an easy gourmet snack while providing good nutritional quality, because it contains more than 90% milk (a good source of calcium!). Banania spread, meanwhile, is made without palm oil, to limit the amount of saturated fatty acids in your breakfast or snack…