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Hydration: the unsung role of breakfast

To start the day off right, it is important to have a balanced breakfast. But a complete breakfast isn’t just about what you eat; you also have to think about what you’re drinking.

After all, hydration isn’t just about quenching your thirst; it has an essential physiological function in the body. Water is both a major component of the body (the muscles and brain consist of 75% water, blood and kidneys approximately 81%, and the liver 71%), but it is also at the core of major physiological functions such as regulation of blood pressure, temperature, digestion… The proper functioning of the body is therefore closely linked to its level of hydration, yet the importance of water is often underestimated.

Fortunately, there are many ways to meet the body’s water needs. Drinks are one, of course, but so are certain foods. For example, fruits and vegetables are mostly composed of 80 to 95% water, and milk and fruit juices between 85 and 90%… So it’s easy to start getting hydrated early in the morning: a glass of milk or fruit juice, a fresh fruit, a bowl of chocolate for the children, and an even wider range of choices for adults, with a cup of tea or coffee – there’s no shortage of opportunities! Moreover, it has been proven that by varying sources of hydration you can provide encouragement to drink more, so go right ahead!

Lastly, remember that children don’t automatically remember to drink. But it’s important that they don’t just wait to drink until they get thirsty, so consider giving them a small bottle of water when they’re about to leave for school, to ensure they’ll have a well-hydrated day!

For more information on hydration and the role it plays, visit the website www.europeanhydrationinstitute.org