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Breakfast in the world

Breakfast has long been a feature of the culinary culture in France. French pastries and bread spread with jam are also well-known worldwide! However, changing habits mean the importance of breakfast varies within different households and the food eaten alters from one country to another.

Brief overview of a good start to the day, with food from the 5 continents:

  • In Japan, there is a preference for savoury with breakfast consisting generally of fermented soybeans, a bowl of white rice with vegetable accompaniment, a rolled omelette and grilled fish.
  • In Iceland, oats are the staple, cooked in water or milk and laced with brown sugar, butter and fruit.
  • In South Africa, the day starts with a pleasant blend of cultures and flavours. Eggs, sausages and bacon retain a British accent but the addition of spices and local ingredients (corn in the form of bread or porridge for example) adds a hint of Africa to the meal.
  • In Brazil, buttered bread is eaten with ham and accompanied by a hot drink like hot chocolate or coffee.
  • In India, roast potatoes, tofu, lentils, vegetables and banana toast with pepper are on the breakfast menu.
  • In Malawi, breakfast is made with local produce like sweet corn bread, boiled potatoes and black tea.
  • In the United States, children are fond of colourful sweetened cereals with milk.
  • In Germany, you will find bread rolls served with cheese, cold meats, hard boiled eggs and jam – all washed down with a hot drink and/or fruit juice.

Sweet or savoury, these breakfasts all have a cereal product in common (starch, bread, cereals, etc.), essential for providing energy for the day. An indication that nutrition has no boundaries!