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How can you fit in breakfast on those rushed mornings ?

Between waking up feeling groggy, getting the kids out of bed and ready for school… mornings can often be a real race against the clock! Still, a good breakfast gets the day off on the right foot. After all, breakfast has to satisfy an average of 20 to 25% of your daily nutritional intake, so it’s important to think it over and be sure to schedule it in for both children and adults.

A breakfast time-saver 

For starters, there are several things you can do in advance that will save you time. Stay extra organized by getting your kids’ backpacks ready for school the night before and setting out the clothes that the whole family will wear the next day. The same goes for the table: after dinner, you might consider getting it ready by setting out the necessary cutlery and dry foods (cereals, chocolate powder, jam, fruit, etc.), for the morning.

Remember your grab-and-go breakfast options

You might also keep in mind that easily consumable on-the-run foods (cereal bars, fruit purée pouches, individual servings of chocolate milk, etc.) can help too! Still, it’s important to make sure your breakfast always includes a cereal product, a dairy product, a hot or cold drink, and a serving of fruit.

Another little tip for an original and balanced breakfast: If you have a blender, that’s the ideal appliance for preparing delicious smoothies in minutes, by blending fresh fruit with milk or yogurt, and cereals such as wheat germ or oat bran for example. If you don’t have any fresh fruit on hand, replace it occasionally with frozen fruit for a refreshing, hydrating and vitamin enriched summer morning!

These ideas can save you precious minutes, and that way nobody in the family will have to leave home hungry. And if you’re still short on time, you can always buck up and just get out of bed a little earlier!