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3 reasons not to skip breakfast


1. For mornings full of energy!

After all, breakfast isn’t there just to look good! It’s a key moment in the day, since it comes after a nocturnal fast that generally lasts about 10 hours. Its role is thus to help us recover from this fast but also to help us to anticipate our needs in the morning. Ideally, this meal should satisfy 20-25% of your recommended daily intake in terms of energy. Remember to always include a grain product (whole wheat bread, cereal…) to provide you with complex carbohydrates – they’re serious brain fuel. Grain products also contain beneficial group B vitamins (B8, B3, B2, B1, B6, B12), which contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system. By combining your breakfast with these types of foods, you’ll be sure to improve your chances of having good concentration and staying alert and focused all morning!

2. To hold out until lunch without feeling hungry

and avoid those 11am cravings that are so often synonymous with fatty and sugary temptations. Eating breakfast can thus help to prevent weight gain. This way, you won’t be starving for food when it’s lunchtime, so you will opt for more appropriate portions. It is important to combine the right items, though, by accompanying your cereal product with a dairy product and/or a protein source (egg, ham, etc.), so as to prolong your sensation of satiety. However, if you know that you’re going to have a long morning and your family’s stomachs will be crying for help, you should definitely prepare a snack. So opt instead for some yogurt and/or a slice of bread.

3. For fun and high spirits:

Put an end to those grumpy mornings by always having breakfast! It’s plain to see that getting a hungry, low-energy start to the day tends to impact your mood and make you more irritable. And it’s a serious issue, since according to a study* conducted in 2010, consumers who take the time to have breakfast in the morning feel happier and more relaxed. So go ahead – enjoy a pleasant moment together to start your day. And don’t forget, there’s a great variety of good foods you can have for breakfast. It will help you to be happy, healthy, and avoid feeling tired!

* Benton et al. Mood and the macro-nutrient composition of breakfast and the mid-day meal, Appetite 2010