Banania, a brand committed to its consumers

Our commitments

2. The environment

For thirty years, Banania has been committed to respect the environment and sustainable development:


icone-tri-dechetsWaste sorting at the Faverolles production site has been making more progress every year, with nearly 90% of waste recycled and recovered in 2015

icone-ecoemballageIn accordance with the Environmental Code, article L.541.10, Banania contributes to waste product management

icone-recyclageThe company uses recycled materials for 95% of its outer packaging

icone-franceRegard to production sites for overwrapping, packaging, and raw materials, Banania works with local business operators, primarily located in France


In compliance with regulations, the plastic packaging used is guaranteed free of bisphenol A and phthalates, ensuring optimal consumer safety

icone-huile-de-palmeFor its spread product, launched in 2012, Banania chose to not make use of palm oil, thus confirming its commitment to the environment