Banania, a brand committed to its consumers

Our commitments

1. Nutrition

Since its foundation, Banania has always been particularly concerned to ensure the nutritional quality of its chocolate powder.  After all, a good balanced breakfast needs carefully formulated recipes, and Banania has consistently been committed to bringing its consumers the best.

The original recipe, based on cocoa, cereal grains, bananas and honey, remains the core element around which all Banania products are created. 

 Banania is your partner brand for breakfast, children and adults alike.

Our most famous recipe is the kids’ recipe, which contains 12% cereal grains, a source of complex carbohydrates, which are very useful for spreading out the food energy provided over the whole morning.

Today, thanks to this unique recipe, Banania is a chocolate powder that can be called a “balanced breakfast,” satisfying its consumers’ taste buds and meeting their nutritional needs at the same time! And as their parents look on, kids love it: “mmm, so good!”

To meet the needs of consumers looking for a more intense chocolatey flavor, two other Banania chocolate powder recipes have been developed over the years, with less cereal grain but a higher percentage of cocoa. Of course, every Banania product is developed with respect for the original historical formula, which gives it that unique taste, that subtle crispy fullness!

And finally, as part of its ongoing efforts to bring its loyal consumers the best, Banania is committed to providing a spread product free of palm oil, and flavored milk with milk content above 90%